How Does A Touch Faucet Work

A touch faucet takes only 300 milliseconds to activate its process. So, no doubt that it is a fast technology. Have you ever wondered while using a touch faucet? Bear in mind a question that how does it work?

Well, my today’s article is about how it works. We are always fascinated by unknown things. It is human nature. So, keep reading to know all about its working procedure.

In short, touch-sensitive faucet uses capacitive sensing technology. The technology detects your body’s capacitance to turn on or off water flow.

What is capacitive sensing technology?

It is a technology that uses capacitive coupling to measure conductive or electron flow. However, it uses electricity to detect or measure the difference between air and conductive or dielectric. Most of the touch faucet use 1.5 volts of dc current. And a few use 9 volts. Both of them are safe to touch. So, no need to fear that.

How does it work?

It is the same technology that your smartphone touchscreen uses. So, every touch faucet has a capacitive sensor. The sensor is connected to the spout and the water flow handle. The technology is based on capacitive coupling.

Capacitance is an electric term. Unit of capacitance is farad. The unit is named after Michael Faraday. Our body has also capacitance near to 100-200 picofarad.

The job of the sensor is to measure capacitance. Normally, if anyone touches the handle of the water flow, its capacitance will increase and will turn on the water flow. If you touch it again then it will turn off.

In some faucets, the sensing technology is a little bit different. Those faucet does not require touch to stop. When a person touches the handle, it turns on and when released, it determines the decrease of capacitance and gradually turns it off.

A touchscreen faucet contains two capacitive sensors. One is for the handle and the other is for the spout. For working the touch sensor, it is usually connected to metal, wire, or brass. Because those are conductive. If the sensor is connected to conductive, the whole part will become a sensor.  It helps the sensor to increase its range. So that the whole handle or spout could act like a touch sensor.

The real challenge is to make the sensor work properly. For this reason, faucet material needs to make conductive to increase the range of the sensor. Also, need to make sure that the faucet is not attached to any other metal and take a look that water is not affecting the sensor. Otherwise, it will not work properly or maybe not last long. So, the manufacturer faced these challenges to make it.

On the other hand, its installation process is different and difficult as it uses electricity to work touch sensitivity. At least two people need to install this type of faucet. But if you choose the best touchless faucet, you won’t face this problem anymore and can enjoy almost the same features.


The problem is not only the human body can turn it on but also pet animals can do it.

This type of faucet was introduced about 10 years ago. Now technology is far more advanced and we have many touchless faucets available in the market.

Finally, you may now understand how the touch faucet works. And you can now choose you will you use a touch faucet or the touchless faucet by yourself.

Always try to choose the right one that can fulfill your needs. Learn more from this website.