7 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Shaver

Man prefers a perfect shave to his beard. And real man chooses electric shavers instead of an ordinary razor. Razor usually consumes much time, but an electric shaver saves time, and also, it’s safer. You can find different brands offering various models of electric shavers. One of the most wonderful collections is the Braun series seven electric shavers. That will give you the most comfortable shaving experience. Allow me to explain the necessity of an electric shaver for a man. Trust me, after I am done, you might get very interested in having one for yourself. Especially when you’re the proud owner of Braun series seven electric shavers, you’ll realize it more.

Why You Rely on Electric Shaver?

  • Safer: Obviously electric shaver is safer than ordinary razor or blades. It has different steps of modes based on your skin type. The least mode helps you to trim on sensitive skin and the highest on the rough skin.
  • Accurate: Shaver’s reach to the parts of your face where razors can’t. Therefore, it is much more accurate than razors.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the most rated reason for relying on the shaver. Because its laser technology and sharp rotatory spikes shave off your beard on one splash.
  • Less time: You can shave within seconds if you use a shaver. Dry or wet or gel shave is a piece of pie for this wonderful machine.

Seven things to consider while buying an electric shaver

  • Trimmer blade: The nice and sharp trimmer blade slides from top to bottom of the shaver to ensure you a proper and clean shave. Don’t hesitate on using the trimmer. It’s skin friendly and safe to use in a quick time. Be careful while using the trimmer.
  • Head lock: By head lock facility you can take maximum control over the head of the shaver in sensitive areas like under your nose and chin. As a result, the head adjusts to your face. And you can comfortably shave off the smallest hair on the complicated areas of your face.
  • Waterproofing: Waterproofing of the device ensures you to shave under the shower. You can get the device running even under around 5 meters. Therefore, you can wash the shaver after you have used it. Be aware so that water doesn’t enter the battery chamber.
  • Wet or dry: Absolutely on your desire how you shave. Wet, gel, foam or dry. You can experience all possible ways of shaving by using an electric shaver. For wet shave, the shaver gives a mild and clean shave. On the other hand for dry shave give a tough but comfortable experience.
  • Wireless: Most of the electric shavers are wireless. The function by lithium ion batteries. As a result, you can turn on the device and use it while you are outdoor and away from power source. You can keep an extra pair of batteries in case of emergency.
  • Charger: Branded companies offers a portable charger with the shaver. Once fully charged, you can use the shaver for about 1 hour. I suggest you look for the one who consumes less time to charge but has more working durability. For an instant quick shave, the batteries recharge within 5 minutes.
  • Price: You can find a wide range of prices of an electric shaver. Cost varies on the durability and efficiency of the device. Again the purpose of using it is also a reason to compare the prices. So you should make your choice according to your demand.


There is no better option for a good and clean shave than an electric shaver. I suggest that you should prefer a perfect shaver at a reasonable price. Trust me, your skin will not regret the great experience.